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What is OpenLinguistics?

OpenLinguistics is a free and publicly available online platform that allows linguists to record examples, collect informal acceptability judgments, and upload pre-prints of their papers to share with other linguists around the world.

Our mission is to improve transparency and rigour within the linguistic community, and to build a tool that people love.

We are currently in alpha, so feedback is greatly appreciated!

What can I do?

  • Create projects on specific linguistic topics with descriptions and topic tags.
  • Add examples to your projects.
  • Search for examples provided by other linguists that may be relevant to your topic.
  • Upload pre-prints of the paper you are writing about a project.
  • Share a permanent link to a project so that reviewers or other linguists can easily access your data.

Recent projects:

another test project

created 3 years ago by sebschu

A project with 3 tags?

sich ausgehen

created 3 years ago by sebschu

"sich ausgehen" (literally 'go itself out') is a common phrase in Austrian German to indicate …

Persian DOM

created 3 years ago by Masoud

In this project I informally look at the distribution of the Persian object marker -ra.

Gapping constructions in Universal Dependencies v2

created 3 years ago by sebschu

How should gapping constructions be represented in Universal Dependencies v2 (